BF Flat lash is made of high-quality matte hair, giving more natural but distinctive look.


As it weighs one third of mink lash, you can enjoy ultra-light weight lashes but more natural and fierce look


Flat lash, with a split end, gives you dynamic volume. The shape of flat lash is literally flat as shown below, and therefore, naturally blends in with your real lashes, meaning that it is easy to wear and long lasting.


We recommend

Anyone who wants stable and long lasting bonding
Anyone who wants using Flat Lashes create clear eye look. 
Anyone who wants to be looked a perfectly natural.
Anyone who wants your shape of eyes to be lifted up.


Curl  J, B, C, D

Thickness 0.1/0.15/0.2

Lenght 7~14mm


The Flat lash has the weight only one third of the existing product.So, it has light weight as much as that users might forget the eyelashextension. Flat lash helps to lift up the hair roof of eyelashes, and it gives the bigger eyes look.The flatlash provides unprecedented high durability, as its unique shape like kidney beans allows a wide surface to be adhesion parts, supporting artificial eyelashes not to falldown while applying them.

BF Flat Lash

    • Curl : J, B, C, D
    • Thickness : 0.15, 0.2
    • Length : 7~14mm

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