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BF Lash shampoo is a foaming cleanser for eyelashextensions. It removes excess oil,dust and make-up
residue. Rinses quickly with warm water, and gets the lashes clean and ready for first time lash applications
or touch-ups. Perfect for everyday use.


50ml / 60ml / 100ml


how to use


1.  After pumping a proper amount 1~2 times on the crystal plate, apply the form on the shampoo brush

2.  Put the cotton pad under eyelashes. After putting the form on the eyelashes, leave on 1 minute.

3.  Using the shampoo brush, softly and gently rub.

4.  After removing the form with BF remover pad, clean it again with cotton pad soaked in distilled water.

5.  Lastly, dry it with the air blower and comb it by mascara brush

BF Lash Shampoo